In the final hours of 2010 a brown van rolled out of a small Kansas town. Over the next 2 years that van crawled along the guts of the American interstate system producing some of the most indefinable music on the national radar. Completely unhinged from all regional music cultures, it was nomadic music, constrained only to the resources they could carry.

The drive was to reclaim the groove and the direction was always forward.

Hurling a devastating sound in the rhythmic tradition of all jackhammers before them, AOTEAROA had created a funk that crawled up rusty from the thighs and cracked like hot marble on the back edge of the downbeat. With a fiercely minimal approach, the sound crashed primitive and thick. It oozed out from wooden instruments conjuring bonedry melody and castiron groove in its wake. It propelled all bodies forward.

"MAMA SHOT MONK" is a gathering of select recordings from studio sessions conducted with luminaries across the country.

Ever raw, ever cool, ever changing - This record is guitar and drum dynamite plugged deep into the doomed mountainside of your hips.


The Anchor / Kingston


Main Pub / Manchester


The Spot / Providence


Johnny D's Boston


Otis Mountain Get Down


Pete's Candy Store / Brooklyn